Me and an alpaca, because it is my favorite animal and I think that says a lot about me.

I’m Tracy Jones, and I’ve been a working journalist since 2000. I’m a former newspaper reporter and multimedia journalist for The Florida Times-Union. For the past four years, I’ve been a freelance reporter while raising my three children. Throughout the years, I’ve written hundreds of stories on various topics, interviewed thousands of people and still absolutely love everything about journalism. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to interview and share the stories of many fascinating and inspiring people.

I am an extremely versatile reporter. I cover hard news and features. I blog and report and investigate. I especially enjoy writing about gender and women’s issues. I have three children and am training to be a doula, so I have a particular interest in women’s health. If you are interested in seeing some of my work, I encourage you to check out my clips, which are divided into categories and can be found on the main menu bar.

Just me, Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes having a laugh after an interview. Definite career highlight.

Outside of reporting and my family, I love alpacas, drag artists and living a mile from the beach. I strongly dislike shredded lettuce, intolerance and bees (though I understand their importance to the environment and how we will all die without bees, but I’m afraid of getting stung).

Interested in working with me? Please email me at tracyjonesjax@gmail.com or call me at (904) 874-0353.

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