Jacksonville in gifs

So, it has been nearly eight months since What Should We Call Jax has been updated, and this makes me incredibly sad. So, in the meantime, I’ve decided to come up with my own gifs that celebrate Jacksonville’s cultural staples:

When Jacksonvillians have to drive in the rain:

When Alvin Brown says he’s taking something to the next level:

When it is cold in April:

When my kids want to go to the Orange Park Chuck E Cheese:

When everyone is out running the Gate River Run:

After I get coffee at Bold Bean: 

The Jaguars fan experience:


When I heard about One Spark: 

When I get a good parking spot at the St. Johns Town Center: 

Every time I hear about a shark sighting at a nearby beach: 

Blanding Boulevard:


Costco on a Saturday: 

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