The core of success is the support of others

I was just updating my website last night with some of the stories I’ve written in the past year and was reminded by how encouraging this experience has been for me. 

Last year, I worked on about 80 assigned projects from March until December. Compared to the first year of many other freelancers, I’m pretty satisfied with my premiere year as a freelance journalist.

I can say with certainty that the reason I’ve been able to succeed so far isn’t by any means a singular effort. The majority of my assignments came from past editors or colleagues from my years as a reporter at The Florida Times-Union. 

Many of us, including myself, spend so much time focused on the negative. “I’m so tired” and “the weather is awful” are thoughts I see riddled on my Twitter and Facebook feeds. Yes, there are times that can be severely frustrating, flat-out exhausting and incredibly ill-timed. But I think it’s always beneficial to stop and think about all the people that care and helped you succeed. I got to do that last night.

So, I want to say I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who has had the faith in me in this past year to assign me a story or project. Because you believed in my abilities, I’ve been able to survive this first year. (Cue the R.Kelly song “I Believe I Can Fly.”

These guys thank you, too.


Speaking of supporters, this photo was taken by my ultimate supporter, my husband, Mark. 

Here’s to a great February.


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